Monday, August 9, 2010

Pound vs dollar - The key for cable

Your article this week is from Reuters news service and is a highly technical article on Foreign exchange pound versus dollar. In the article Elsa Lignos, a currency strategist, discusses the key to cable which she says is the dollar side of the exchange at the moment.
What is the value of the pound against the dollar at this moment? Check this link and find out. You can also find the value of many other currencies against the British pound. What is the value of your currency against the pound? Check to find out.
The article states that additional large changes in the value of the dollar are unlikely. Which paragraph tells you that?
The article goes on to talk about the economic information which has supported the pound recently, what is that? Discuss with your partner or your teacher.

A quiz on some of the expressions in this article will follow this blog post. Bye till next week.


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