Sunday, June 6, 2010

Credit Reference agencies

Credit rating agencies
Credit rating agencies, issue ratings for the debt of public and private corporations; this means that they are expected to know if a company or a financial product is a good risk for the investor. They should use this information in their ratings.
Writing in the Guardian this week Elena Moya discusses EU plans to create a watchdog to curb these agencies as they have been widely criticized following the recent credit crisis.
Read the article and answer the following questions in your note book.

1. Which credit rating agencies are named? Have you heard of them before?
2. Write an email to a colleague explaining your opinion of the article.
Start as follows – Hello Jonathan, Did you see the article in the Guardian…
Get your teacher to check your email.
3. Why is the EU scrutinizing Standard and Poor’s?
4. What is Mensa ? What do they mean by Mensa like?
5. Find a present continuous and a simple past usage of a verb that also means putting a ship into the water.
6. How will a watchdog protect the economy from a future credit crunch? Make notes in your notebook.

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