Thursday, June 24, 2010


The word for this weekend is pension, I have been meaning to write about this for weeks but an article in today’s Guardian really caught my eye and I thought I would bring it to your attention.
The UK government is planning to increase the age when people in the UK can get their state pension. As you can imagine this has caused a lot of interest especially as the previous government had also increased this age quite substantially in the recent past.
Now the new coalition government is planning to speed up this process for both men and women in the UK following the recent changes in Greece and other European countries.
Please read the article and answer the following questions. Discuss the questions with your classmates and your teacher.

1. What is the State retirement age in your country?
2. Why does the article say the retirement age is being increased?
3. Do companies have workplace pensions in your country?
4. Research the terms consumer price index and retail price index on the internet and write a short note to explain the difference to yourself for future reference.
5. What age do you expect to retire? Do you want to retire later than the normal age or earlier?
6. Your boss has asked you to continue working after the state retirement age. Write him a formal letter explaining why you have decided to stay at work or leave at the normal age. Write 120-140 words do not include addresses.

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