Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Word of the week

The talk of the financial press this last week has been around the idea that the fiscal measures announced around the world are threatening to take us into a double-dip recession. Is this opinion justified or is the market simply playing down the prospects for growth.
Read the Telegraph article and make up your own mind then answer the questions below.
Explain the meaning of the term double –dip recession in a short presentation try to use different words to those in the definition above. Why not start a simple blog with Blogger, put your definition on your blog and then send me a link to tell me about your blog.

Look at the following expressions from the text and the explanations below. Match the word to the explanation.
Words or expressions
1. a slew
2. losing steam
3. fevered
4. to give … wings
5. eye-watering
6. to rein in
7. claw your way out of
8. tighten your belts
9. prospects are darkening
10. morbid fascination
11. hard landing
12. hammered home
a Characterized by intense activity:
b slowing down
c shockingly strong or hard
d with an impact that may destroy all
e a large number or quantity:
f To help something progress well
g To struggle to escape from
h Something is strongly stressed
i To reduce expenses keep them low
j To slow something down or reduce its effect
k … is not looking good or positive
l. An unhealthy interest in s/th

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